This post is long over due as much has happened in the Miles lab recently.

First and foremost, lab member Matt Lattanzio (April 23rd) and Kelly Williams (April 24th) will be defending their dissertations soon!  Big news for the lab and we hope that everyone can come out to see both of them defend. Matt’s defense will be at 3 pm on Tuesday April 23rd and Kelly’s will be at 9 am both of their rooms are TBD.  Keep a look out for posters around LSB and Irvine!

Also, lab member Vinny Farallo has received the OCEES and Graduate College Fellowships.  Vinny will be exempt from a full year of teaching which will give him plenty of extra time for his research.  Vinny also received the Ohio University Student Enhancement Award ($6,000) and the Exploration Fund grant from the Explorers Club ($2,000)!  Vinny’s field season will begin later this month and will continue on through August as he visits sites from West Virginia down to North Carolina and Tennessee.

It also looks like we will have two or three new lab members next year.  More information to come soon!

Tons of Great News for the Miles Lab!!

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