Matt Lattanzio! Matt won the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles Best Student Poster Award at the World Congress of Herpetology 7 held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Matt’s poster was titled: The (disturbance) ecology of the phenotype: Response of tree lizard populations to altered landscapes.

A brief description of his poster can be found below, but if you would like more information Matt ( will gladly field any questions.

Brief description of poster: Through the redistribution of resources, disturbances can modify the conditions through which organisms develop/experience throughout their ontogeny. Variation in habitat use by lizards in disturbed areas should cascade into morphological and performance effects which may ultimately influence their adaptive trajectories and have implications for long-term population persistence. I investigate these responses of tree lizards across four sites (two undisturbed, two grazed) in SE Arizona. My results highlight how grazing generates conditions that increase habitat selectivity and favor morphological divergence among males, females, and alternative male phenotypes (e.g., yellow and blue throat males). Furthermore, these conditions also break down the relationships between performance capacity and environmental structure, suggesting a shift in selective processes among disturbed and non disturbed regions. Ultimately, we plan to analyze diet variation and survivorship estimates to determine the full extent of divergence in these populations.

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