PhD candidate, Matt Lattanzio, has had a string of success to start off 2012. Matt has received two grants to help complete his last field season in Arizona this coming summer. One grant coming from Sigma Xi’s grants-in-aid of research and another from the Ariel Appleton Research Fund.

Additionally, Matt was asked to speak at an NSF BooKS Professional Development seminar held at Ohio University on February 25th. Matt gave a talk titled, “You are what you eat and what burns at your feet: A Tree Lizard Tale.”

Finally, Matt recently had his Master’s thesis accepted for publication by the journal Copeia. The study is titled Habitat use and activity budgets of emerald basilisks (Basiliscus plumifrons) in northeast Costa Rica. In the article he identifies variation in habitat use among adult and juvenile lizards which may be associated with the size-dependence of their water-running ability, as well as differing behavioral responses to the onset of the dry season w/respect to activity budgets. You can look for this article in Copeia later this year.

Matt Lattanzio is on fire!!!

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