Ph.D student from the lab, Vincent Farallo, had a paper come out in early 2011 in the journal of wildlife management concerning the effects that current harvesting practices will have on populations of turtles in Texas.  This paper was part of a collaborative effort with  collegues at Texas State University-San Marcos where he completed his masters degree.

Brown, D.J., V.R. Farallo, J.R. Dixon, J.T. Baccus, T.R. Simpson, M.R.J. Forstner. 2011. Freashwater turtle conservation in Texas: lingering harvest effects and efficacy of the current management regime. Journal of Wildlife Management 75 (3): 486-494.


Professor Don Miles has had several papers published this year including a response to a comment on a 2010 paper by Sinervo et al. in which he was an author, “Erosion of lizard diversity by climate change an altered thermal niches”.  Their response was published in an April issue of Science.

Sinervo, B., D. B. Miles, N. Martinez-Mendez, R. Lara-Resendiz, and F. R. Mendez De La Cruz (2011) Response to comment on “Erosion of lizard diversity by climate change an altered thermal niches. Science 332: 537 – 538.


Miles also co-authored a book chapter in The Biology of the Reptilia on hormones and the reproductive behavior of reptiles.

Sinervo, B. and D. B. Miles (2011) Hormones and the Reproductive Behavior in Reptiles. Biology of the Reptilia. Elsevier.


Finally, Miles was also a co-author on a recent paper in Ecography examing aspects of a contact zone of two lineages of Lacerta vivipara.

Heulin, B., Y. Surget-Groba, B. Sinervo, D. Miles, A. Guiller. (2011) Dynamics of haplogroup frequencies and survival rates in a contact zone of two mtDNA lineages of the lizard Lacerta vivipara. Ecography.

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